Are you struggling?

Wether with a difficult decision or feel confused by actions of someone in your personal life or job?

Do you need answers, advice or solid direction on love, career, finances, personal growth & all matters of life?

Do you long to really feel understood by someone who can offer you compassionate honest guidance?

I can help

A reading with will leave you with a sense of peace, closure & direction. Im a deeply spiritual clairvoyant for over 30 years, who connects with spirit guides to bring forth information that is largely hidden or unseen.

I can guide you in attracting love, working through confusing or difficult relationships, coping with loss & finding your true purpose. I can guide you to a place of clarity and trust your ability to overcome obstacles. My clients describe me as accurate, compassionate and nonjudgmental.You will feel worlds better after a reading with me.

I am an intuitive psychic clairvoyant & spiritual healer, working with Angels and Spirit Guides to uplift and empower you. I am an empath and all readings are compassionate, non-judgemental and straightforward. My readings give you spiritual and practical guidance to move forward and create the happy, loving and successful life you deserve. I work with many spiritual tools giving you the most valuable insight and clarity into your areas of concern.

A little info about me : I am a Libra I love art ,music, beauty. Always been attracted to different cultures & spirituality and understanding people .Ive been blessed with this gift so I strive to help people all walks of life .look forward to speaking with you soon sending you much love, peace and light



Crystal Reading

Is very similar to tarot readings, tea leaf readings, rune readings or any other “casting” or “sorting” form of divination. Sortery is the arrangement of objects that have been assigned a meaning or characteristic. The arrangement is then interpreted in a unique way that is special to the person reading the object.this reading will tell you about your character


The Tarot Reading

It’s a deck of 78 cards, each with its own imagery, symbolism and story. The 22 Major Arcana cards represent life’s karmic and spiritual lessons. … These Tarot cards highlight the more practical aspects of life and can refer to current issues that have a temporary or minor influence A Tarot reading is a narrative, a story that you tell to the Seeker. … of the tarot cards in a spread has a specific meaning.


Psychic Reading

It is a specific attempt to discern information through the use of heightened perceptive abilities; or natural extensions of the basic human senses of sight, sound, touch, taste and instinct.


Auras, can reveal information about your thoughts, feelings and dreams. The colors vary and can be light or dark shades. When reading an aura, you must take into account the shade of color in order to be precise. All living things radiate an aura from the energy they emit. These special vibrations and colors can be seen by gifted people and those trained in the healing arts, who can manipulate energy fields for effective healings”Aura” is the ever-changing flow of life energy around one’s body; it can be harnessed for supernatural abilities. All living things are surrounded by an aura,The human aura is also sometimes referred to as a psychic energy field.Each of the aura colors represent a persons mood or physical health and also reflect the condition of their chakras.The aura also holds a great deal of information about ones’s past, present and future.


Can be defined as a practice where an individual uses a technique, such as focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to achieve much deeper consciousness , using date of birth and name to pinpoint concerns seen and unseen.


Chakra Balancing

Is based on the ancient Indian belief in a series of seven chakras, or energy centers. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. … Chakra balancing is believed to promote health by maximizing the flow of energy in the body, much as a tune-up enables a car to operate at peak efficiency.There are 7 main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. Each chakra is located throughout our body so that it correlates to specific body ailment and physical dysfunctions; each energy center also houses our mental and emotional strengths Chakra balancing can generally help you live a healthier lifestyle, not only in terms of your physical body, but in terms of your heart and mind as well. By doing so, you donít only keep yourself healthy, but you preserve the richness of your relationship and love compatibility with those around you as well.

Vital for mental, emotional, and physical well being, Chakras must be clear of toxins and everyday debris. It is essential to do chakra clearing techniques regularly and youíll feel relaxed , clear , happy and balanced . A Healthy & opened chakra system promotes harmony in all lifes areas on all three body’s


I felt Tracy was genuine. It was nothing like calling a psychic hotline. She was accurate and gave great advice.
Thank you so much Mrs. Tracy. As always you are so intune with my concerns in life and always so supportive and encouraging. I feel so much better and positive when I talk to you. You are truly amazing and a gifted Psychic.
D. Morinelli​
Excellent reading, great connection. Honest and to the point. I had readings before with other psychics and no one came close to Mrs. Tracy. She helped me to see the truth… Awesome reading
Dream Catcher 28
Mrs. Tracy is truly gifted. She provided useful insight & guidance on my concerns. She makes you feel at ease and is genuine & positive. I would definitely recommend her if you are looking for healing& spiritual guidance.
Jennifer R.
I have worked with Mrs. Tracy since 1999. She has helped with Chakra Balancing and self awareness through her spiritual gifts. I would be lost without her and don’t know where I’d be in life. She is my angel, her spiritual work is very powerful & enlightening, mentally, spiritually and psychically. An amazing healer.
Kristin L.
I tried a psychic reading with Mrs. Tracy and let me tell you, she was spot on. She told me about my relationship with my girlfriend and what was wrong in which I didn’t understand. I followed Mrs. Tracy’s advice and my girlfriend and I couldn’t be doing better. She gives the best advice, she makes you feel so close to her. She’s a great psychic.
Richard B.